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Birth Chart Analysis for Your Clients: $100

We all have clients who we vibe with, are big spenders, and we feel hopeful to develop a long-lasting relationship with for whatever reason. If you have had this, you recognize that there’s a likelihood things will break down for one reason or another. If the client is a “whale”, you have a very short amount of time to asses and cultivate the relationship in a way that appeals to him investing in YOUR service instead of moving on to the next. We also do NOT want to waste our time on energy dump clients that just talk a big game or won’t be compatible in the long-run!

You can submit the form here so that I can research and analyze your client’s birth chart based on your specific needs so you can make the choice of how to proceed. I will give you my honest recommendation based on the way he ticks. 

Be sure to include any relevant history or info! You will receive a response on how to proceed with payment!

Mentoring & Consulting

Hourly Mentoring and Consulting

I am a firm believer that mentorship of sex workers is a community responsibility. Sex work is highly personal, vulnerable, and unique to the provider. No single brand, model, or method works universally.

However, I do have 11+ years of experience in this business, and not a great deal of time to educate the masses as much as many individuals desperately need. Therefore I am now offering hourly consultations.

Prior to our consultation, I will briefly review your content and any key points you’d like to include so that I can have information prepared for you. During our consultation, you can ask me any questions you’d like, so it is best to prepare!

It is important to note, that even if your brand or image differs from mine, my vast experience can allow me to advise you on your unique brand!

Please email me to purchase and schedule at


One hour:

  • $150


  • 5  1-hour sessions $600
  • 10 1-hour sessions $1000


  • 20% off to black & trans workers
  • Sliding scale available for workers in crisis


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